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Throughout the chronicles of technological progression, there's a consistent pattern that technologists, historians, and market observers have come to recognize and term as the 'apps-infrastructure symbiosis'. This intricate balance embodies the principle that burgeoning applications spearhead a growing demand for superior, more tailored infrastructure. In reciprocation, this newly developed infrastructure catalyzes the inception and growth of next-generation applications that leverage its capabilities.

One of the clearest representations of this symbiotic relationship can be traced to the birth and proliferation of general-purpose blockchains. These fundamental frameworks unlocked the gates for the rapid emergence of decentralized applications (dApps), which have defined a significant part of digital innovation in the past few years. However, as these pioneering dApps transcend their infancy and aim for broader horizons, they often grapple with challenges encompassing scalability, transactional speed, and unwavering reliability.

Reflecting upon the evolution of the Internet during the Web 2.0 epoch, it's evident how infrastructure started to evolve and carve niches, customizing itself based on dominant use cases as the digital ecosystem matured. This retrospection paints a vivid picture: for the next-generation applications within the Web3 paradigm to truly gain mainstream traction, the underlying blockchain platforms need to undergo a similar metamorphosis. They need to transform and specialize, coalescing around specific application domains and use cases.

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