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The topics, rules and information of this page, in addition to the project and website, also include all sub-projects and intdest services.


  1. At INTDESTCOIN, a subsidiary of INTDEST Technology Incorporated, we employ cookies and related technologies to optimize our services and enhance your user experience. This document provides comprehensive details regarding our use of cookies when you visit the INTDESTCOIN website.

  2. Cookies are small text files stored on your device or network server by websites you visit through your browser. They are created by the servers of the website you visit, enabling the site to recognize return visitors, save time, and provide a tailored internet experience. It’s important to note that cookies do not contain personally identifiable information such as name, gender, or address. They merely record information about your internet visits and do not access any information stored on your computer or mobile devices.

Types of Cookies and Their Uses

  1. Cookies can be classified based on their duration, source, and intended use. Temporary or session cookies are used during your visit to our website and expire when you close your browser. These cookies ensure the smooth functioning of our website during your visit, including enabling multi-page online form completion.

  2. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, enhance the functionality of our website by providing a faster and superior service. They help remember visitors’ preferences and remain on your device until a certain date or until manually deleted. These cookies facilitate operations such as providing a personalized experience aligned with your settings.

  3. First-party cookies are placed on your device by the visited website, while third-party cookies are established by other organizations providing different services, such as external data analysis services and suppliers.

  4. Mandatory cookies are essential for you to navigate our website and benefit from its features and services. Functionality cookies allow our website to remember past choices for a more personalized online experience. Performance cookies provide insights into visitor interaction with our website, helping us improve our offerings. Marketing cookies are used to deliver content and campaigns tailored to your interests.

  5. You can choose to block functionality, performance, and marketing cookies from your browser, but this may impact your user experience. Even though disabling cookies doesn’t generally prevent you from using our website, it may restrict access to certain features.

  6. Through cookies, we process your marketing information (cookie records, usage information) and share them with third parties we collaborate with, both domestically and internationally.

  7. Cookies created by our site are stored on your device by your browser. Remote access to this information is possible only if you use the same browser and visit the site that created the cookie or under the same domain name.

  8. You have the choice to accept cookies. While using cookies isn’t mandatory to use our website, blocking all cookies may degrade your user experience. You can adjust your browser settings to block all or specific sites’ cookies, get alerted when cookies are set, block third-party cookies, or treat all cookies as session cookies.

  9. To manage cookies in most commonly used browsers, you can use the following links:

  1. INTDESTCOIN reserves the right to modify and update this cookie policy in compliance with legal regulations and company policy. We will publish any changes or updates on our website or mobile application, or by sending it to your registered


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